Blue and Mako Shark Diving

Grey, low hanging cloud and drizzling rain greeted us early this Sunday morning. Our customers could have been forgiven for taking one peek out the window and rolling over in their warm beds. But instead, they joined us in the dismal weather to venture 30km offshore in search of adventure.

As we rounded Cape Point we seemed to be transported back to some prehistoric time, the craggy rocks looming out through the dark fog and waves crashing into threatening rocks. The ocean seemed to storm at us, daring us to continue. But dare we did, riding out the rough swells and pushing wind all the way out to the deep water canyon offshore. Our persistence did not go unrewarded

The first blue shark arrived at our drum 20 minutes after we dropped it into the water. We rapidly kitted up and followed suit, enjoying great interactions with 5 large blue sharks. Two of these were trailing longline hooks from their jaws, a visible reminder of the large scale commercial fishing operations in this area. We successfully removed one hook, but before we could get hold of the second animal all 5 sharks disappeared as if by some silent invisible signal. We were shortly to find out why…

Right on the edge of visibility a dark shape materialized, rapidly getting closer and more impressive. A large female Mako shark, built like a fleshy bullet, had come to investigate. She swam constant circles around us, fast and confident, coming close to inspect these bubble blowing creatures. Most Makos are fleeting visitors and rarely hang around for more than a few minutes. This large lady stayed with us for over 30 minutes, giving us the opportunity to take in the true speed and power of these incredible sharks, and leaving us with a feeling of profound awe.

We took this home with us, along with some great shots, and felt we had been more than amply rewarded for be the adverse weather. As our larger than life skipper loves to remind us – you’ve got to be in it to win it! Nice one team!

If you would like to join us for our next blue and mako dive in the deep, contact us here.