Shark Explorers

(Established 2008)

Shark Explorers offers uniquely customised shark diving, viewing and filming expeditions. We will help you plan and execute your ultimate shark diving experience or shoot, by making sure you are in the right place at the right time with the best chance of successfully encountering your shark of choice.

Mission Statement

We believe that we can make a difference by showing people a positive experience with sharks. We don’t believe in misrepresenting them as potential killers for an adrenalin experience to sell tours. We do believe that sharks should be respected as the critically important predators they are.

Our specialties include:

In collaboration with our friends and partners we also offer you Tiger SharksWhale SharksRagged Tooth Sharks, Bull SharksBlack tip SharksBronze Whaler Sharks and Dusky Sharks. We will show you these misunderstood creatures like you have never experienced before.

Shark Explorers sets the standards and guidelines for responsible shark diving and interactions high. We provide a holistic experience which includes breaking down sensationalistic, adrenaline-hyped advertising, treating sharks with respect, reducing the impact we have on them and their environment, educating divers about their behaviour and the threats they face. Most importantly we want to show you the sheer beauty of these fascinating sharks and give you an experience you won’t forget.

Shark Explorers is active in several research, awareness and conservation projects involving sharks and rays around the world. Whether it’s sponsoring boats and equipment, assisting with fieldwork, or donating images and video, we’re passionate about contributing towards the conservation of sharks and  the oceans.

Meet The Team

Morne Hardenberg - Shark Explorers

Morne Hardenberg

In 2008 Morne founded the brand and company Shark Explorers “Change your perspective!”. He started offering dives with over 15 species of shark off the coast of South Africa before expanding to international waters.

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Brocq Maxey - Shark Explorers

Brocq Maxey

Brocq Maxey has been apart of Shark Explorers since the very beginning. He is a partner in both Shark Explorers and Atlantic Edge Films. Brocq is originally from Eleuthera, an island in the north-east part of The Bahamas.

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Stef Swanson - Shark Explorers

Stef Swanson

Stephen’s life-long interest in the ocean started at an early age along the shores of Cape Town-South Africa, later developing into him compiling over 25 years of experience whilst working in various marine research fields.

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Ernest Salima - Shark Explorers

Ernest Salima

Ernest, from Malawi, was born in Lilongwe City but raised by the lake in Nkhata-Bay. During his childhood he spent lots of time swimming in the lake after school.

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Nina Daniels - Shark Explorers