Great White Shark Cage Diving

Great white shark cage diving in Cape Town. False Bay is a mere 30min drive from Cape Town international airport and a white shark hotspot. Great White sharks (Carcharodon carcharias), are probably the most charismatic and popular of the shark species. However, much of what is seen on TV or read is about them is not based on reality. These sharks are awesome. Nothing compares to seeing a white shark for the first time and all preconceived ideas are crushed with the first viewing.

You don’t even have to climb in the cage to get a good view as many of the sharks swim at the surface and some even pop their heads out to have a look at you.  Join Shark Explorers as we head out before dawn to witness the raw power of nature epitomized by a Great White Shark launching itself out of the water to catch its Seal prey. These attacks can last for minutes at a time and the sharks have a 50% success rate at catching their prey. After experiencing this breathtaking interaction, we lower a cage in the water and you can have the opportunity of viewing these spectacular predators in their natural environment.

Location: Simons Town,Cape Town. South Africa.
Season: Varies between mid January to mid October
The Dive: Cage comfortably takes 5 divers at a time, but can take max 6 if required. We mostly work on a breath-hold system in the cage as visibility is often limited and contact time with the animals underwater only lasts a few seconds at a time. The crew on the boat can see the sharks how they move and this way they can direct you to be looking in the right direction at the right time for the best views. A hookah scuba system is available for qualified divers and is great when visibility is more than 6m and the divers can follow the sharks as they move around the boat/cage! *Hookah scuba only available on request, please specify when making a booking.
The Boat: A maximum of 18 guests on board.
Dive depth: Surface cage.
Water Temp: 14 – 18º C
Water visibility:  3 – 20 meters
Chumming:  Yes
Other species on this expedition: Cape Fur Seal, Common Dolphin,
Bottlenose Dolphin, Brydes Whale, Southern Right Whale, African
Penguin and various other sea birds.

  • Guided snorkel/Scuba cage dive including gear.
  • Snacks & refreshments on board.
  • Dive briefing and shark information.
  • Mid Season (15 Jan – 15 May) & (15 Sept – 15 Oct) AM trip: R2100 per person
  • Mid Season (15 Jan – 15 May) & (15 Sept – 15 Oct) PM trip: R1900 per person
  • High Season (16 May – 14 September) AM trip: R3000 per person
  • High Season (16 May – 14 September) PM trip: R2100 per person

*Rates are subject to change.
*Minimum of 5 divers required to run trip.

  • Meet between 6h15 and 6h45.
  • Board boat and receive boat safety briefing and general information.
  • Leave pier between 6h30 and 7h00.
  • Arrive at island between 6h50 and 7h25.
  • Brief clients on shark hunting behaviour and what they can expect.
  • View natural predatory interactions between sharks and seals.
  • Tow a seal decoy to entice a breach so clients can get a picture.
  • Anchor boat around 9am and start chumming to get sharks to boat.
  • Drop cage and brief clients on the cage dive and shark behaviour around the boat.
  • Cage dive and view sharks from 9h00 to 11h30.
  • Return to Simons Town harbor.
  • Warm Jacket
  • Sun block
  • Polarised Sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Water Bottle (re-usable containers preferred)