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Complete your Specialty Programs with the applicable SSI Specialty certification card and receive the SSI Recognition Ratings: Specialty Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, and Master Diver – FREE. SSI´s certifications are recognized worldwide so your diving experiences will be limitless. The fun doesn’t need to stop here! With just a little more training, you can go even further and become a Dive Professional. Imagine sharing your love of diving with others! Check out all of the exciting Dive Professional programs which you can be involved in. It’s your chance to move to the next level in your diving adventures.

Taking a specific number of SSI Specialties and continuing your pursuit of dives, allows you to earn higher levels of diver ratings. SSI’s ratings are the only ratings in the industry that combine training and experience requirements, proving that SSI ratings are truly earned. It is up to you to decide how far you want to go. And the best part is recognition at SSI is FREE!

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Scuba Dive Training

If you are unsure if scuba is for you or if you would just like to try the experience, this course id for you. It does not provide you with a scuba certification but allows you to experience and feel if scuba is for you. The course consist of a shortened Open water course where you are only taught the most essentials of diving. This experience will take one full day.

Course consist of online digital learning, a theory session with the instructor. 1 Pool session.

Cost: Please enquire


This globally-recognized certification program is the best way to begin your life-long adventure as a certified scuba diver. Personalized training is combined with in-water practice sessions to ensure you have the skills and experience required to become truly comfortable underwater. You will earn the SSI Open Water Diver certification.

Minimum Age: 10
Certification Prerequisites: None
Academic Sessions: Online Program
Pool/Confined Water Sessions: 6
Open Water Dives: 4
Maximum Training Depth: 18 meters / 60 feet (age 15+)
Suggested Duration: 4 days
Cost: Please enquire


Boats allow you the opportunity to explore spectacular dive sites far from shore. This program covers the additional knowledge you need to make your first boat diving vacation a true success, and the techniques necessary to dive properly from all sizes and types of boats. Enhance your dive trips!

Cost: Please enquire