September 2019

Shark Explorers Internship


Shark Explorers Internship Off the boat, a step...and then, crash! Icy water runs through the wetsuit and awakens the mind and soul. Together, 7,400 miles always from Eleuthera, six Island School alums have begun to explore the depths of South Africa.A typical day usually consists of an early morning wake up followed by a quick coffee and [...]

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March 2019

Wacky Wednesday Inshore Diving


Wacky Wednesday Inshore Diving Yesterday we went on an awesome inshore dive! We had a lovely family of 3 from Denmark and 2 brothers from America. We had beautiful conditions at our two inshore dive sites, the seals at Partridge Point and the kelp forest at Millers Point. Water temperature was a refreshing 12 degrees [...]

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February 2019

Offshore Shark Diving Cape Town


Offshore Shark Diving Cape Town We had a super epic offshore trip on this wonderful Wednesday morning. The weather was absolutely beautiful and we had a stack of divers that wanted to go see some blue and mako sharks. We had two boats that went offshore on this gorgeous weather day, our 30foot dive boat “Shark Explorer” and [...]

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January 2019

Cape Town Inshore Diving


Cape Town Inshore Diving Inshore diving, snorkeling and final open water training day! We took two clients out snorkeling with the seals at Partridge Point today, while others completed a dive with the seals and into the kelp forest at the same time as Amalia Stead (our open water student) completed her third of fourth dives for her [...]

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September 2018

Shark Diving Cape Town


Shark Diving Cape Town We want to tell you more about shark diving Cape Town. Great white sharks are not the only sharks you can experience when shark diving Cape Town. Have you ever experienced seven gill shark diving in False Bay? On our trip of the morning of Friday the 30th August, we had a [...]

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