Great White Shark Cage Diving at Seal Island

Rain bucketed down through the early morning darkness. Bedraggled, 18 clients huddled in the cabin of the boat and wondered what on earth they had let themselves in for. Rain, wind, sleepiness and a larger than life South African waving his arms around giving a very enthusiastic briefing is a lot to be assaulted with first thing in the morning! However, their forbearance was rewarded with the first predation of the season on “Frank”(our very realistic looking fake seal).

The rain cleared halfway out, leaving a brooding overcast sky – ideal hunting conditions for great white shark cage diving. After looking for natural predations on seals returning back to the island, we deployed Frank. He followed lazily behind the boat at very tempting injured-small-seal-swimming kind of speed. All was silent on the boat as everyone waited with anticipation. As the minutes drew on our concentration started to dwindle. Just as we were about to throw in the towel and throw Frank loose, the moment arrived. The grey silhouette hurled himself out of the water, leaving fresh teeth marks in Frank’s bum! It was over in a flash, but the clients’ shrieks left no doubt that an aerial shark assault had been sighted.

What had started out as torrential downpour turned into a beautiful morning. A huge 4.5m great white shark came to boat, playing with baits nicely and giving our clients impressive views from the cage. With spirits high and the sun out, the morning was completed by two Humpback whales sighted on the way back. False Bay had turned on its best face, which was evident in the beaming smiles getting off the boat at the pier.