Deep Sea Diving Cape Town

We went on one of our epic offshore blue and mako shark dive experiences on Saturday and were spoilt with so much diversity and ocean love!!! The ride out to the offshore was a brief 45 minutes from Cape Point. Flat calm seas allowed us to get to our dive spot in no time. We found beautiful blue ,clean water about 28 kilometres away from land and within 27 minutes on the dot of our line. We found Blue Sharks! This time they came in their numbers! We had a total of 9 Sharks on the dive, the biggest one being just under 2 metres in length! Managed to identify him as a male, and boy he was a feisty boy! So much personality and curiosity in this guy, he stood out from the crowd. He also had 2 large pilot fish attached to his side.

The Dive was absolutely extraordinary. We had a solid 80minutes underwater with these majestic, elegance Blue Sharks. They graced us with relaxed personalities in the 20metre stunning visibility! The water temperature was a scorching 21.2 degrees celsius and it made for complete comfortability underwater on the dive!

All in All the dive was another epic success! Another highlight for 2019!!!!

Deep Sea Diving in Cape Town

On route back to Cape Point and in a homeward direction, we encountered 2 Huge Southern Right Whales!!! It’s very unusual this time of year to encounter these whales here in our water so early, but what a magnificent treat. They gave us a Tale Show as they dived away into the Blue. We also encountered several Mola Mola/Sun Fish all cruising along the surface, and managed to get a nice close encounter for one of our clients, his fist time seeing the oceans largest boney fish!!

We were back in the harbour, early bells, 14:30pm with lots of happy faces and fantastic photographs!

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Deep Sea Diving in Cape Town